Everyone wants to make their house scary at Halloween to impress others. Most ideas to scare others are old and everyone knows about them. You can buy 2022 Halloween decor products online to make your house look unique.

It is a tabletop decor with LED inside to make it look haunted. The models consist of flat iron material to give specific details. The battery of these models will last more than six hours. You can use them to decorate indoors only.

These are the broomsticks for pathways to scare your visitors at the entrance of the house. You will get orange mini lights on the broomstick to enhance its looks. You can combine them with the pumpkins at the bottom.

These are hand-painted pumpkins that mimic human faces. You can keep them on uneven surfaces also due to the weighted base. Artists use paper to enhance the human face details of the pumpkins. There are some rat skeleton models on them to make it scarier.

These are pumpkins with realistic fire-style decorations. The lights in the stands also flicker to make it look like a flame. You can keep these pumpkins indoors and outdoors due to the transparent resin material.

It is a hand-painted figure of a witch holding pumpkins in her dress. These are limited edition products as each of them is numbered. There is a moss-covered stand at the bottom of the figure.

Each package of this set has eight eyeball orbs. Each eyeball reflects light due to its glossy appearance. The top consist of styrofoam and the base consists of plastic. Each of these is made by the hands of an artist.

You will get twelve flat bats in each package. These bats have wings with wires to look realistic. You will also get a wall adhesive tape with the set to attach them to all the places you want. These bats have three sizes. You will get many from each size.

It is a unique witch model. You can place it outside your windows. It appears a witch is taping outside your window. It is one of the motion-activated models. The witch will tap the window when someone passes from there. It has a suction cup to hand with the window. It has a long-lasting battery.

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