If you value the quality of sleep and rest that you get, you know that having a high-quality mattress is just one part of the problem. You also need to have the proper ambient temperature during sleep. This can be achieved using sleep system products just like the BedJet. Here are 6 products from BedJet that you should consider getting.

The Aromatherapy Upgrade kit is a great accessory that you should get if you love essential oils. It is a simple hose attachment that comes with a small removable cap that has a foam pad. The foam pad can hold essential oils which are directly exposed to the airflow.

A standard BedJet kit comes with several accessories. However, the included hose is a bit thick. In some cases, it will prove to be inconvenient to use that thick hose. The alternative is to get their compatible flat hose accessory. It is one of the most popular sleep system products that work with all their BedJet versions.

For the ones that already own sleep system products such as the V2, you will want to have an extra filter. While the filter that is included can be washed and cleaned, it will get damaged over time. Having an extra one around means that you do not have to wait until the new one is delivered.

For the latest version of sleep system products, you need to get a new air filter. The BedJet 3 uses a more advanced, denser filter that is much more efficient at trapping small dust particles. Ideally, you should have a spare one around.

If you love the BedJet sleep system products, you will love the dual-zone climate system. It is an advanced bet sheet that can be connected to two systems. Because it has a dual chamber, each zone can have its temperature settings.

If you do not own any sleep system products, the BedJet 3 is the perfect product to start. It includes all the accessories and the main unit that you need to start getting better sleep. It is very easy to set up and very easy to adjust.

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