Some say the best BBQs are made on charcoal. Others insist gas grills have the best flavor. What is true, however, is that the best BBQs come from those who know how to use their grill’s features to their advantage. The following are best built-in grills with cooker and smoker options that are ready to rock if you want to get the most from your backyard BBQ.

This built-in tank of a unit includes Bluetooth compatibility and smart grilling tools from the largest natural gas grill manufacturer in the country. Syncing up with an app, you can take control of your grill from anywhere. Grill chefs who desire precision cooking should buy this model for its 535 square inches of primary cooking space and 888 square inches of total cooking space.

Natural gas grilling with the large grilling space of 816 square inches. The built-in design allows for more options on how to create your masterpieces. It also includes a rotisserie system and Bluetooth compatibility.

This grill contains Bluetooth compatibility, an app control system, and a rotisserie as well as a huge cooking surface.

A gas grill that you can control with your smartphone. This grill has two large cooking surfaces and a rotisserie.

This small unit includes Bluetooth connectivity and a 3-way reversible sear plate.

This built-in grill features Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in thermometer, and a rotisserie.

This gas grill has three large cooking surfaces and is one of the best selling gas grills at This unit has a rotisserie, vented lid and five burners.

There’s the option to choose from one of three griddle top options: flat, griddle plate or a reversible griddle plate. That way, you can decide which configuration works best for your cooking needs. This unit also features Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in thermometer.

The best built-in grills with cooker and smoker options have Bluetooth compatibility and a rotisserie. These large grills offer a range of cooking options, and that’s especially important if you plan to cook on your grill permanently. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced chef or a newbie doing things yourself for the first time. With the right built-in grill, you can get cooking faster than you ever could before.

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