BedJet is primarily focused on developing innovative solutions for the sleep industry. To achieve this goal, they want to use cutting-edge engineering design, cutting-edge technology, and established medical science to enhance the quality of sleep and the comfort of the bedroom. Why? Because they get a kick out of developing and disseminating cutting-edge tools that make our customers’ life easier. So, without further ado, here are the items we think are the best values on their website.

The BedJet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit is a great way to stimulate all of your senses before heading to sleep. Envision the soothing effects of Lavender, Tea Tree, or Chamomile infiltrating your bedsheets. At the same time, you have a deep and restful slumber thanks to the BedJet. Another option is to sprinkle some Eucalyptus over your linens before climbing under the covers.

Did you need an air hose for your BedJet that was less bulky and sleek? Alternatively, is your standard round hose too stiff to accommodate a nonstandard bed frame? For this timely update, you may swap out the spherical air hose with your BedJet unit. Compared to the regular circular air hose with every BedJet, the flat air hose’s distinctive, thinner rectangular design makes it less noticeable against your bed and allows for tighter bending.

The BedJet Cloud Sheet is a 100% cotton top sheet with a patent-pending performance engineering design. It was designed to maximize the benefits of your BedJet system. It has several internal airflow chambers that distribute the BedJet air evenly around your body and keep you comfortable.

Choose the BedJet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort Sleep System for a more relaxing and restful night’s sleep. Easy, tool-free setup in a matter of minutes. In addition to helping you get a better night’s sleep, BedJet will keep you warm and comfy throughout the night. When the bed is made, it’s almost impossible to notice.

Be more comfortable while sleeping thanks to your bed’s quick air-based cooling, warming, and sweat-drying comfort. Ideal for those who like a constant temperature throughout the night or for use in tandem with a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet to regulate the temperature in just one sleeping area.

The BedJet V2 used this air filter, and this is a spare one. A washable, reusable air filter is included in the price of every BedJet and is fitted by the manufacturer. Every three months, remove the filter, clean it with running water, and let it air dry before replacing it.

BedJet has developed a proprietary air-based cooling and warming technology that is the most effective and fastest-acting. Only BedJet does not alter the feel of your mattress; there are no wires, no tubes of water that leak as you sleep, and no electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

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