Sleep quality is not just about going to bed at the right time. The mattress plays an important role but you can take things further and get a BedJet system. BedJet makes sleep system products that are made to offer you better control over the temperature and comfort that you get while you are in bed. Here are 8 of their products that you should really add to your wishlist.

The standard kit comes with a regular tube-like extendable hose. In some cases, depending on your bed type, the hose may be too thick. The alternative is to get a flat hose accessory that was made to work with all of their sleep systems.

The Air Hose Extension is a great accessory to have if you already own the sleep system. It is their most popular sleep system products because it allows you more freedom to place the BedJet around the room and find a place for it that does not obstruct you in any way.

All BedJet systems have an air filtration mechanism. The V2 uses a foam filter that can get clogged up with dust and particles over time. While it can be washed, after a while it needs to be replaced. For this reason, you will want to have an extra filter around.

The BedJet 3 uses a more advanced filtration system than the V2. It uses a denser foam filter that will need to be replaced after a while. Even if it can be cleaned, it needs to be dried up properly before use. For this reason, it does not hurt to have an extra filter.

If you want to get the most out of your BedJet you need to get some upgrades in the form of Sleep System products that add new features. The Aromatherapy upgrade kit is a great example of a simple accessory that can improve your experience and sleep quality.

One of the most popular sleep system products for the BedJet is the Cloud Sheed Accessory. It is a compatible bed sheet that uses a double-layer construction, split into two air chambers. The air from the sleep system is evenly dissipated across the sheet.

The Dual Zone Climate system is one of the latest and most advanced accessories released by the manufacturer. It was made to be connected to two sleep systems and allow for individual control of each zone.

The BedJet 3 climate comfort sleep system is an absolute must if you value the quality of sleep that you get every single night. It is one of the most advanced sleep system products that was made to allow full temperature control using air vents that push air through a bed sheet.

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