BedJet managed to innovate the way we sleep. Their sleep system products are meant to offer a proper solution to temperature regulation during sleep. They make several products and accessories. While some of them are essential, there are a few interesting products that can serve as a useful upgrade.

If you own an older BedJet V2 system, you are familiar with how they are used and cleaned. They can be washed but over time, the foam filter can deteriorate. For this reason, it is worth having an extra one around and when the time comes, you just swap the old one out.

The BedJet 3 uses a different air filter than the V2. It is also possible to clean it by washing the filter. However, you need to wait for it to get dry. If you do not want to wait, it does not hurt to have an extra filter available and just put it in.

The Air Hose extension is one of the most popular sleep system products for the BedJet. It is compatible with all their system and serves as an extension to the hose that already comes with the device. Being inexpensive, the accessory is an absolute must.

Depending on how your bed is built, you may have issues using the sleep system products from BedJet. The included hose is a bit thick. If you want a thinner hose, you need to get the flat hose accessory that replaces the original hose.

The Aromatherapy Update kit is one of the most popular sleep system products. What it does is replace the original hose nozzle with one that includes a small foam attachment that can be filled with various oils. The oils will get dissipated into the air jet.

A great product that you need to have for your sleep system is a cloud sheet accessory. It is a double-layer sheet made out of cotton that allows the BedJet system to push air and either cool or warm you up during sleep.

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