You should get into the habit of taking care of your furniture regularly because the nice thing is that it helps protect your investment since fine furniture is an important purchase. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the furniture help to maintain the finish of the furniture and make it look good year after year. How you care for your furniture affects its lifespan and beauty. It is therefore advisable to take suitable precautions to avoid damage and to take suitable measures when repairs are required. Proper maintenance and repair of furniture are essential if you want to get the most out of your furniture.

Be aware of the moisture when you apply surfaces to your furniture. If the humidity is too high, it will take a while for the finish to dry, and your furniture may have a bad finish. We also recommend that you fully adjust the finish and let it dry before using the furniture. 2-3 days can be enough. Do not place any accessories on the furniture to avoid damage and scratches. Protect the surface with a carpet as much as possible before placing the object.

Wooden furniture such as wooden chairs and wooden wall decorations should be regularly watered several times a week to keep the surface free of dirt and to avoid the floor. Dust furniture with clean, dry and lint-free cloth. Wash the surface of the general cleaning cabinet with mild soap and water. Rinse with water and dry completely with clean cloth. It is such an effective furniture care tip that could help you enhance your furniture’s longevity.

Protect all wooden furniture from direct sunlight. This means that you should place wooden chairs and tables away from the windows. However, if you do, make sure the windows are properly covered with curtains or drapes to minimize sunlight. The strong sun rays can dry out and the color fades. It is also a bad idea to place wooden furniture near the ventilation slots, as compressed air can affect the quality of the material.

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