There is no single rule for bedding layers that you have to utilize to design your bedroom. It begins with the theme of your bedroom. If you are a minimalist design enthusiast, for instance, then you have to tone down your bedding layers.

1.Fitted Sheet

The purpose of a fitted sheet is to hold the bottom-most bedding layer in place. It has rubber strapped edges to hold bedsheets in place. When choosing your fitted sheet, you must consider the size of your mattress for it to make sense.

2.Flat Sheet

This sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet. You will sleep between the fitted sheet and the flat sheet. It is a crucial aspect in preventing the other top layers like duvets and blankets from getting dirty due to sweat as it is easier to clean.

3.Duvet Cover and insert

The Duvet is what offers the snugness and warmth to your sleep. The luxurious feeling comes from your choice of duvet inserts rather than the cover. The type of insert you choose depends on whether you are a warm or cold sleeper. There are various types of inserts that you might deem most comfortable, including Down and Feathers, Cotton, and Wool.

4.Throw Over

This bedding layer comes on top of your Duvet. However, it can be placed randomly on your bed. The throw over is a piece of bedding that you can select to be the most adventurous with – in terms of material and color. You can choose whatever you want provided it stays in line with the color theme of your home.

5.Bed Scarf

A bed scarf is a decorative layer that covers the complete width of the foot of your bed. It protects your bedding from dirt from luggage and shoes. It is also practical if you have a pet or you love taking your breakfast in bed.


Pillow layering is crucial, depending on the activities you do on your bed. It serves your bedding style both functionally and aesthetically, depending on your activities.

As highlighted in this bedding article, your choice of bedding layers must be based on both aesthetics and functionality. Understand your guests, family occupants, habits, and themes and then dress your bed based on them.

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