You’re about to move into a new house, and you just bought a new furniture, or you just like to change it from time to time, and keep your home always fresh and stylish? But now you are wondering how to keep your new furniture safe and clean.

The most important thing about keeping your furniture beautiful, is to choose the materials you’re being able to take care of, and to inform you well which cleaner goes to the specific surface. Once you choose the wrong one, your furniture will never look the same.

As we all want to enjoy our furniture, as long as possible, here are some general tips for the furniture care, which you should practice, as much as you can:

Avoid placing furniture close to the window, especially because the sunlight causes fadingClean it only with a soft cloth, because water could leave the white spots all over your furnitureAvoid putting it close to the radiators, or air conditioners, because changes in temperature can also damage itYou should always change the place of the pads and other accessories, as well, so they can’t leave the marksAvoid exposing the furniture to the plastic, sharp objects, and chemicals, as wellUse the polishes to keep your furniture clean and beautiful, instead of waxes, and silicone cleaners.

I know this might sound difficult, but actually it’s not, if you’re cleaning your furniture twice a year, and if you are paying attention of where you place it. There is also one more thing about furniture care you should keep in mind – always rubbing your furniture in the direction of the grain, so the cleaning traces are not visible.

If you’re sick and tired of the dust and smudge all over your furniture, just follow these advices, and you’ll always have the furniture worthy of admiration!

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