Warm weather offers endless party-themed options for summer parties. Pool parties, barbecues, gardening, athletics, the beach and Luau offer potential for decoration and game themes. Every aspect of the carefree summer season can inspire themes for outdoor parties. Sailing, running or riding can be a central idea for decorating a meeting that would otherwise be common. Cruises or parties from the 1950s are good backyard decor themes. Who can refuse to add a touch of island life to an inland party in the Midwest with drink umbrellas and grass skirts on the service tables?

For an exotic touch, give your season party theme a Hawaiian touch. Install Tiki torches and throw grilled pineapple and pork skewers along with some fish fillets. You can prepare steamed rice and poi to accompany. Or just diced a fruit platter. For music, put on the Elvis album “Blue Hawaii” or something Don Ho music. A good limbo game will stimulate the guests’ blood pumps and prevent everyone from getting bored. Don’t forget to deliver Leis to your guests on arrival. These flower and shell necklaces are a sign of affection.

Birthdays almost always require a cake or other baked goods. Baking a biscuit or having individual cupcakes for guests is often popular nowadays. The baked goods may vary depending on the age group for which you are hosting the party. For someone in their thirties, think of a cinnamon bun, guests over sixty might want a cake that recalls the old days.

Recreate the scene from the film for a season party theme. It can be traced back to the old days of films and popcorn with a B rating. Invite your guests to come in vintage clothing in the style of the 50s, 60s or 70s and to prepare a lot of butter popcorn. You can even set up a mini food stand where guests can get their drinks and food. If you have a projector, you can play the movie outside or bring guests inside to watch some old movies you saw in the drive-in.

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