One thing we all love is a quality outdoor furniture set. For some reason, there’s just something so compelling and impressive about a home that has a good set of outdoor furniture that can’t be described. If you’re someone that loves a quality set, you’ll love the 9 different pieces we’ve found that will have you living outside your house more than in!

A high back, deep seated lounge chair that feels incredibly comfortable, this Navio Lounge chair setting feels super resilient and works well in all environments.

The loveseat version of the lounge chair, this is a great two-person seat that is surprisingly comfortable while also super stylish and durable.

A thoroughly designed patio umbrella table that is meant to coordinate with the rest of the Navio design, this umbrella table is similarly made from all-weather wicker finished material that works in just about any environment.

A super smooth recliner that carries tapered legs, smooth-scrolled arms, and a timeless look meant to last forever, this chair does everything right and can be done easily. It’s resistant to mildew, fading, and staining, making it perfect for the outdoors.

If you loved the Madison reclining chair, you’ll absolutely love their incredible sofa. This carries over the Madison aesthetic while making it large enough for three people to sit comfortably. It’s incredibly versatile and also extremely fast drying.

Another timeless look that is built to last, this outdoor dining set comes with an 84-inch classic rectangular teak table, 4 side chairs, and 2 arm chairs, giving you something truly remarkable.

For those that love a tanned look, this loveseat looks and feels like something you’ll never want to get up from. It is both extremely strong and resilient while also light and easy to put together.

You’ll want to get as many of these great chairs as you can. Meant to make the outdoor look perfect, these lounge chairs feel great to sit in while also offering a refined version of that old school backyard barbeque look.

The three-seater sofa set that gives essentially gives you three lounge chairs in one. This is perfect for watching a movie in the backyard or taking family photos.

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