Do you still feel tired after getting enough amount of sleep? That might be a clear indication that your bed needs to be replaced. Besides, a bed’s memory foam will eventually wear and exhibit signs of sagging. The same thing goes for your beloved bed frame, which may also be causing your mattress to sink in the middle. That said, here are six fantastic beds you can get to get your good night’s sleep below!

A good bed starts with the right mattress. And with the Floyd Mattress, you’re guaranteed to get the comfort you deserve. After all, the Floyd mattress excellently combines memory foam and coils together, providing enough support and comfort you need after a tiring day.

In addition, this bed mattress also comes in different sizes, ensuring that there’s a mattress that’ll fit your preferred bed frame size.

If you don’t want a bed that’s too big but still want enough bed space for you and your partner, a full queen bed frame is the one for you! This bed frame comes with a headboard and is made with birch wood, which is known for its minimalistic appeal.

Here’s the same Floyd Queen-Sized Bed Frame, minus the headboard. This one comes in oak, ensuring a much sturdier frame that’ll match your room’s contemporary feel.

If your room’s available space permits it, a king-sized bed frame is a way to go! This time, this bed frame comes in walnut wood, which is known for its durability and chic farmhouse appeal.

If you’re a fan of king-sized beds but not of headboards, here’s the Floyd King-Sized Bed frame in Birch without the headboard!

Not every individual needs a large bed. That said, the Floyd Twin-Sized Bed Frame is the ultimate pick for those who want a bed that’s not too big or small. With a width of 45 inches and a length of 86 inches, it should be more than enough for those who sleep solo.

Overall, you should make it a habit to replace your bed frame and mattress once you notice the tell-tale signs of their wear and tear. Besides, you’ll surely feel the difference upon lying down on your newly bought mattress and bed frame. And with the selections above, you’re guaranteed to get that good night’s sleep you deserve.

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